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Holistic Wellness

Welcome to Bunnies Garden. Bunnies Garden is the holistic section of A Holistic Therapy Group. Bunnies Garden offers Holistic Wellness consultations and therapy if needed. Holistic Wellness consultations will consists of discussing mental and physical aliments that you want natural solutions for. Dr. Nazon has many years of experience with health and wellness. Most recently she received a certification in Medicinal Plants from Cornell University. Come live the holistic life!

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

Holistic Wellness Consultation

Schedule with Dr. Nazon to discuss your health history and goals. You will have the option to do 60 or 90 minutes. After the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive plan to follow at your pace.  

Holistic Wellness Consultation ( 90 minutes $175)

(60 minutes $150)

If you want to incorporate therapy into your consultation you can!  ( Holistic Consultation and Psychotherapy 90 minutes $225)

This is not a substation for any medications that your medical provider has given you and you should always speak with your prescribing doctor before taking natural supplements. 

Green Juices


Dr. Nazon is aiming to help reduce the stigma that was created by "Big Pharma" that all cures comes from the pharmacy. Earth was kind enough to provide all the natural resources we need to heal ourselves! Let's embrace Mother Earth in our healing.

Green Juices
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